Mar. 2018
We've updated a few rules in the FC list, as well as updated the application code. All existing applications have been moved to the board REVAMP to be modified. Once you have modified your application please inform the staff team so it can be sorted.

Feb. 2018
Updated the HR playlist and switched it over to spotify. Reservation rules have been updated to a more efficient process. New Caelesti Subspecies added (Patroniae).

Feb. 2018
New undead subspecies added (poltergeist).

Jan. 2018
Revamp has been completed. New mortal subspecies added (necromancy).

Jan. 2018
Site revamp in progress. Skin updates and basic maintenance! We look forward to a fresh new year! Cleared the old updates for a fresh start.

Hello! I'm Tawny. I'm 21 and an avid writer and artist and professional lurker~ I love all things art, all things music, and I break just about ever feel I can. I adore plots and crazy threads so throw em at me -heart- Feel free to message me for my aim or discord, or just to bug me~ I don't mind at all c:

Adam Sykes
Amissio Despero
Cato Spartan
Connor Ellis
Crow Hanigan
Jayden Monahan
Kira Romonov
Ryleigh Xavier
Sean Cutler
Zephyr Vladimire
Zoey Martyn

cas here, peter pan type fossil, been rping for a long time on so many different hosts i've lost track. i usually have some form of purple hair, often lavender but i change it up here and there. i can't really think of plots on the spot most of the time, but i am really open to the ideas of others and like to create all kinds of dramas for my characters. i break all the things. a lot. and i am probably known for doing really sketchy, socially and morally messed up plots, so if you're into that, feel free to throw ideas at me :]

Tarquin Ellis
Casper Catara
Basil Prior
Samandriel Ellis
Sway Arrazo
Mason Etsuko
Alik Romonov
Irial Ellis
Whassup yall? I'm Topher, I'm 20 and a nonbinary trans guy. My pronouns are he/him or they/them. I am an obsessive little fucker and I'm always lurking and my characters are just as fucked up as I am lmao. I'm always talking about music (particularly Shinedown, Ingram Hill, and Three Days Grace). I never shut up on time. My favorite word is fuck and I'm never all in one place but I'm always lurking. Hit me up, I don't bite!

Christian Williams
Jacob Monahan
Thomas Smith
Travis McAlexander
I code things. I love cas to pieces. I love Tawny to pieces. I love Topher to pieces. I can't spell for shit. I am the NUMBER ONE DISTRACTOR and I don't give a shit what the bots on discord have to say about it. :D

Raine Blakely
Nikita Romonov
Greyson Morosa
Ashley Ross
Xaya Quinn
Fawn Ellis
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